Small Salon Interior Design Ideas

It’s important to keep up with the latest in small salon interior design if you want your customers to feel great after every visit. Maximising your space doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style or functionality. In this guide, we look at the art of transforming small salon spaces into inviting, elegant environments that captivate and comfort your clients.

From the clever use of colour and light to selecting the perfect furniture and decor, discover how to make the most of your salon’s interior. Use these innovative ideas to make a space that looks beautiful and a haven for creativity and relaxation.

Small salon interior design ideas

Creating an inviting reception area is important in creating a positive first impression. Choose a soothing colour theme that aligns with your brand, setting a tone of relaxation and comfort from the moment a client steps in. Include a welcoming desk, comfortable seating, and a display of your premium products to engage clients’ senses and interest.

The styling stations are where the magic happens, and their design is important for both stylist efficiency and client satisfaction. Space stations out to allow free movement for stylists, keeping a smooth workflow. Go for sleek, functional chairs and mirrors that complement the salon’s aesthetic, reinforcing your brand’s identity.

A well-thought-out waiting area can also significantly level up the client experience. Provide comfortable seating and ambient lighting. Also consider including a selection of reading material or a digital display showcasing your services and success stories. This area should reflect the calming and stylish atmosphere of your salon, making clients feel valued and relaxed while they wait.

When considering small salon interior design, effective storage solutions are important for maintaining a clutter-free salon. Use vertical spaces with shelves and cabinets designed to store and organise salon essentials neatly. Consider storage options like hidden compartments or multifunctional furniture that can double as decor pieces.

Using technology can significantly improve the client experience. Offering options like charging docks and Wi-Fi access caters to the modern, tech-savvy client. This will make sure they remain connected and comfortable throughout their visit.

How do you decorate a small salon interior?

Decorating a small salon requires an approach that maximises space while creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. Begin by assessing the salon from both the entrance and the windows. Make sure the space is inviting and reflective of your brand. Select furniture that is both functional and fits perfectly within the designated areas, avoiding overcrowding and maintaining a flow throughout the salon.

Investing in quality pieces over quantity can make a significant difference. Choose statement pieces that draw attention and compliment the overall design. This doesn’t mean overspending but rather focusing on items that offer both style and functionality.

Consider the journey of your salon setup, allowing your ideas to evolve. Revisiting your design after a few months can provide new ideas, helping you to refine or add elements that improve the salon’s interior. This process of small salon interior design makes sure your salon remains contemporary and aligned with client expectations.

To further level up your small salon interior design, including elements that promote comfort and luxury can build a positive client experience. Soft, ambient lighting creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, inviting clients into a space that feels both upscale and personal. Adding greenery can introduce a touch of nature, promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being among clients and staff.

Textural elements, through rugs, curtains, or upholstery, can add depth and interest, making the space feel more dynamic and appealing. Artwork or decorative mirrors serve as focal points and also reflect your salon’s unique identity. Engaging the senses with fragrances or a playlist can complete the ambiance. It will make sure every visit is an experience. Through these additions, your small salon becomes a place for beauty services, and one that clients look forward to visiting. It becomes a space where every detail adds to a harmonious environment.

How do you make a small salon look bigger?

Creating the illusion of a larger space within a small salon involves careful planning and smart design choices. Light, neutral colour palettes on walls and floors open up the space, making it appear more expansive. Mirrors are a designer’s best friend in small spaces, reflecting light and views to give the impression of depth and volume. With a single mirror or some adjustable lights, you can make a big difference to how large your salon feels. Strategic lighting, such as spotlights or track lighting, can light up specific areas, drawing attention to the salon’s best features and away from its size limitations.

Functionality is also key in a limited space. Prioritise salon essentials that serve dual purposes, such as storage units that double as display areas or furniture that can be easily moved or tucked away. This approach means every piece is both useful and space-efficient.

Cohesion in your small salon interior design helps unify the space, making it appear larger. Make sure that all elements, from furniture to decor, contribute to an aesthetic that reflects your brand. This unity in design simplifies the space, reducing visual clutter and improving the feel of size.

To really maximise the big feel of your small salon, using elements that draw the eye upwards can also create a sense of height and openness. Consider vertical shelving or tall plants to lead the gaze upward, further adding to the illusion of space.

By using these small salon interior design strategies, you transform a small area into a more expansive and inviting space. This not only improves the client experience but also elevates the overall appeal of your salon. It makes it a place where customers love to return. Thoughtful design considerations mean that your small salon offers a big and welcoming presence, for the perfect blend of style, function, and the illusion of space.

Frequently asked questions

How can you optimise small salon interior design?

Get the most out of small salon spaces by using natural light, using wall mirrors to expand the visual space, and selecting furniture that offers maximum functionality without occupying excessive room. Focus on a minimalist design with strategic pops of colour and texture to create depth without clutter. Often, using light colours overall for your whole salon layout will make it feel more welcoming.

What are some effective space management strategies for a small salon space?

Effective strategies include using vertical space for storage, choosing multipurpose furniture, and maintaining a clutter-free environment. Using a streamlined layout that facilitates easy movement and service delivery can also make a small salon feel more spacious.

What kind of salon equipment is best suited for a small beauty salon?

Compact, versatile equipment that maximises space is perfect for small salon interior design. Look for styling chairs and stations that can be easily adjusted or moved, and consider wall-mounted units to free up floor space. Whatever you choose, make sure you select comfortable furniture pieces. No one likes waiting or getting their hair done on an uncomfortable piece of furniture.

Which colour schemes are commonly preferred for salon spaces?

Light, neutral colour schemes such as whites, beiges, and soft pastels are popular for creating a sense of openness and calm in salon spaces. They provide a versatile backdrop for highlighting accent pieces and can make small spaces appear larger. They also help create a comfortable atmosphere and an inviting atmosphere. Sometimes, choosing darker colours when you’re making your colour choices will give your salon a more lux atmosphere. It’s best to use dark colours for some kind of industrial style statement wall or feature wall.

What lighting choices can I make to establish an ambiance in my salon?

Quality lighting is really important in small salon interior design. Combine overhead lighting with accent and task lighting to create a layered effect that levels up the salon’s ambiance. Ambient lighting sets a relaxing mood, while task lighting ensures clients and stylists can see clearly. Getting the mix of lighting right means you can build a luxurious atmosphere in certain spaces, and a more mysterious atmosphere in others.


Effective small salon interior design offers an opportunity to create a unique, inviting space that reflects your brand’s personality and meets your clients’ needs. By focusing on creating a welcoming reception, efficient styling stations, a comfortable waiting area, and smart storage solutions, you can transform a small salon into a stylish, functional space.

Remember, the key to success for small salon interior design is in thoughtful design choices, from the colour scheme and lighting to furniture selection and technological amenities. With these tips and ideas, your small salon can provide a great experience that leaves a lasting impression on your clients. This will encourage them to return time and time again. Let your small salon be a show of your creativity, professionalism, and dedication to excellence in the beauty industry.

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